Download OpenStack Autopilot

Canonical’s OpenStack Autopilot fully automates the deployment of an OpenStack Cloud — just add VMs or servers.

Install OpenStack Autopilot on your hardware

OpenStack Autopilot is the world’s easiest dynamic OpenStack installer. It handles every aspect of your cloud both during installation, expansion, and everyday operations.


  • At least five machines with two disks
  • Two machines with x2 network interfaces (NICs)
  • A dedicated switch to create a private cloud LAN
  • Internet access through a router on that LAN

Autopilot installation instructions

Test drive OpenStack Autopilot appliance for VMware

Complete the form and download the vSphere appliance test drive of OpenStack Autopilot and see what it’s like to install an OpenStack cloud in minutes.

Instructions for the OpenStack Autopilot test drive ›

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sudo apt install openstack

To setup Ubuntu OpenStack by hand run:

sudo apt install conjure-up

Followed by

conjure-up openstack

More documentation ›

Ubuntu OpenStack tools

Use our award winning tools, proven in production to deploy, manage and scale your OpenStack environment:

sudo add-apt-repository cloud-archive:juno

Follow the step-by-step guide ›

Run Ubuntu in the public cloud

Optimised Ubuntu images are already available on most major clouds. They are also available for download.

Download standard Ubuntu Server cloud images ›